Tattoo Helps Reunite Woman With Cat
Melissa Moon

  • A tattoo helps reunite a Cordova woman with the cat she lost six months ago.
  • The cat has been living at a machine shop in South Memphis.
  • Employees at the shop had to do some detective work to make the reunion possible.
  • Tattoo Helps Reunite Woman With Cat

    (Memphis, TN 7/28/10) A tearful reunion in Memphis Wednesday for a Cordova woman reunited with the cat she lost six months ago.

    Turns out the black and white feline was at a machine shop in South Memphis.

    He might never have been returned, though, if hadn't been for a special marking and some detective work by the people who found him.

    "I didn't know if he was hurt or dead or on the side of the road or something," said Eva Reyes.

    It's a moment the 20-year old Reyes has been dreaming about, but never thought she would see her 6-year-old cat, Morgan back in her arms.

    In January the cat ran away from her family's apartment in Cordova and straight to Ivan Tims' apartment nearby.

    "The cat just showed up one day and went into the apartment. We kept him for a month or two and brought him here," said Tims of Generator Power Systems.

    For the past five months Morgan has been living at Tims' generator sales and repair shop in South Memphis and even became the official greeter.

    "She has to run and jump up on the counter and greet everybody. She's just a real sweet cat," said Tims.

    Last week employees decided to take the cat in for a check up and that's when they got the surprise of their lives. The vet discovered hidden underneath all that fur a tattoo that could possible identify him.

    "I called the Humane Society, the animal shelter, nobody could help me," said Christy Sandy.

    That's when Christy Sandy did a search on the internet and found the cat has been tattooed by company called "Tattoo a Pet" before it was adopted in Florida.

    Within a few days the company was able to track down the family in Cordova and reunite pet and pet owner.

    Reyes says she never thought the tattoo would bring them back together.

    "It means a lot to me that she would take the trouble to find us," said Reyes.

    And even though they are going to miss Morgan around the machine shop, workers here are glad he is back where he belongs.

    "I think he'll be happy to get home," said Sandy.

    Reyes plans to put a tag on her cat and keep his stomach partially shaved so the tattoo is more visible.

    She also plans to make the cat an indoor pet.


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    AWWW...very good story.!! Kudos to the Shop owners for going beyond the call of duty too!!
    Stop Snitchin
    That why wez tattoo our necks with our names...
    Wednesday Jul 28
    This is exactly why all my cats are inside cats. 7 cats in the house are a lot of work,constantly cleaning litter boxes and cleaning house to stay in front of the cat hair, but they are healthy, happy cats all rescued, and give my mother and myself much pleasure. I have a cat door that goes into the garage and we keep most of the litter pans out there, but I have one cat that is scared of her own shadow and will not go thru door. This winter I am putting toys, a climber rugs in garage so they will stay out there some, but they are use to being in the house with us and like to sleep with us, and we like them sleeping with us.Anyway I am glad she got her cat back and the lesson learned is contain your cats. They are healthier too because they are not exposed to other diseased cats or animals. Mine are all declawed so they have to stay in. I really don't believe in declawing but it was either that or I couldn't have this many rescue cats in house. Thye would shred it.
    Wednesday Jul 28
    I love a happy ending I lost a pet once and truly wish I had gotten him back
    Wednesday Jul 28
     Nice to have a happy ending and that was so nice of the shop owner and his employees, that was very rare.

    Wish there were more people like that.
    painless procedure take less than 5 minutes costing $35.00 Lifetime fee.
    see website:
    or call 1 800 828-8667 for the nearest location.
    Eva Reyes
    Wednesday Jul 28
    It really means alot that people react to this story. I am very happy to get Morgan back, he was my life. I'm grateful to the people who took him in to Tattoo-a-Pet for finding out where we were. Morgan is back at home and very happy to be here.
    Wednesday Jul 28
    Yet Another great Resucue by Julie owner of Tattoo-A-Pet, the finest in America. Over 38 Years of Superior service to Pet Owners World Wide. Over 7000 Agents in the U.S.A. tattooing painlessly, with an engraved tag and an Animal Registry second to none.
    Thanks Julie
    Wednesday Jul 28
    TATOO A PET wrote:
    painless procedure take less than 5 minutes costing $35.00 Lifetime fee.
    see website:
    or call 1 800 828-8667 for the nearest location.
    Thank you! Anyone one who tats there pets need to KNOW IT IS PAINFUL and I hope it is done out of being stupid and not for vanity.Ask a GOOD VET! Also, do micro with another procedure to ensure less pain. VANITY VANITY sad
    |Wednesday Jul 28
    TO "WHAT"
    PAINLESS PROCEDURE- If you don't believe it. go look for yourself at the video of pets being tattooed "live" fully awake, no anesthesia on the website
    my dog is tattooed, I was there and he was just fine with the few minutes it took. SEEING IS BELIEVING
    Have you ever seen the needle putting in the invisible chips,t hat
    if I found a pet I wanted to keep, "who would ever find it?"
    pet lover
    Wednesday Jul 28
    This is as natural and painless as anything.
    I also saw my dog being tattooed, and it was nothing.
    My brother had a pet with a chip, lost it last year, never got her back. someone has her and vets don't check, they only want to put them in at $50 & $60. Also, you have to have a scanner to read them and there are 9 different chip companies. There is no one scanner that can read them all. Also I read these chips move, and
    can also cause CANCER. The tattooing of pets has been around at least 50 yrs. Most show dogs were all tattooed. IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET AND WANT TO PROTECT IT.........TATTOO IT.
    Aussie Mom
    Thursday Jul 29
    To Eva Reyes: I have a questions perhaps you can answer. Just how do you keep a cat still to get a tattoo? My 2 indoor cats will barely hold still to get brushed or claws clipped much less a needle holding stranger. Was this a difficult procedure?